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Studying at École Centrale de Lille for one semester is a great opportunity for non- French-speaking students to experience the French Grande École system while living in a major economic and cultural hub of northern Europe, between Paris, Bruxelles and London!

Centrale Lille has designed a semester-long programme fully taught in English and granting access to a large selection of course units to international students coming from our academic partners worldwide.

The duration of the programme is one full academic semester from February to July, for which participants receive 30 ECTS Credits.

The core of the programme covers a choice of 6 elective courses (3 per half-semester). These elective courses are taught in English and must be chosen within the list of available subjects.

In addition, the school provides students with French Language classes and students participate in a semester- long research project in a lab supervised by one of our researchers.

Choose your elective courses

The teaching and learning team has selected a series of elective courses in each of the main teaching areas of the École Centrale de Lille’s curriculum. Each student is required to take 3 elective courses per half semester.

  • Design and Control of an Automated Production Line

  • Electronic for Biomedical Engineering

  • Rapid Prototyping of Sensors Systems

  • Smart Decision

Many products based on renewable resources have been developed in recent years whereby biorefineries play a key-role for the transformation of complex raw materials (plants, waste) into high value-added biofuels and molecules.

This course aims to provide a general understanding of the context, the similarities between a conventional refinery and a biorefinery, the pretreatment and transformation processes of the raw material and the purification.

Basics in thermodynamics, distillation, kinetics and reactor modeling will be acquired throughout this course and applied in the frame of a project work for designing a biorefinery process.

About equipment (Video)

  • Smart Systems

  • Optimization and Prescriptive Analysis

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Representation of Signals and Inverse Problems

  • Geotechnics and Tunnels for Smart Cities

  • Aerodynamics

  • Advanced Physics

This course focuses on the principles, methods, and technologies of wave-based imaging (ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves) that underpin a large range of disruptive imaging solutions at the macro- and micro-scales and applications spanning from research to industry to medicine.

The course benefits greatly from the high-end numerical and experimental plateforms of the Institute of Electronics, Microelectronics and Nanotechnology of Centrale Lille and the skills of its recognized scientists in the field.

  • Quantum Theory of the Solid State

  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship

  • Sustainable Project Management

Welcoming International Students

Providing the best possible experience to our International Students is one of our priorities. This is why we have set up a comprehensive onboarding and integration period for them.

Our Office for International and Academic Relations organises their arrival, their pick-up at the train station and offers them permanent administrative support during their stay at Centrale Lille.

Moreover, students joining this semester-long programme will have the possibility to be hosted in Centrale Lille’s own student residence (a more affordable solution than the private housing sector or short-term flat rentals). A special Arrival Kit may also be reserved beforehand, which includes kitchenware, bathroom towels and linen.

Apply to the exchange programme

Applications to the semester exchange programme in English are reserved to non-French-speaking students from Centrale Lille’s partner universities. The programme is especially suitable for students in their 1st year of Master’s Degree or 2nd year engineering students. Final year Bachelor students (or equivalent) may also apply.

Apply to the exchange programme

Live in Lille, Discover France

Welcoming and cheerful, Lille is a vivid city and a great place to live. The city boasts a rich architectural, industrial and cultural heritage with a great abundance of peculiar places and plenty of activities of all kinds.

Cultural animations, artistic and sporting events come in succession all year long, allowing people to discover the various aspects of the city and its vicinity.

The well-earned reputation of friendliness granted to people in Northern France makes Lille a very festive place where you can enjoy a richness of pubs, restaurants, theatres and concert halls.

The whole Hauts-de-France region enjoys a remarkable diversity of beautiful landscapes: farmland, sand dunes, endless beaches, white chalk cliffs, forests, former coal mines sites, industrial cities, state-of- the-art buildings, you name it! And, as those who live here know very well, we do have beautiful weather in North of France too!

Lille is well connected with the rest of France and Europe with two train stations, an airport and numerous highways. Paris is just one hour away by train and it will only take you one hour driving to reach the coastline. The French Riviera and South of France are also a stone’s throw from Lille by plane.

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